Marketing Localization

What is Marketing Localization?

Marketing translation is not simply a literal translation of words into another language, but a translation that has a deeper meaning.
The purpose of marketing translation is to effectively deliver the appeal of products and services to people in countries and regions with different cultural backgrounds. In content such as press releases, multilingual websites, advertising creatives, and promotional videos, it is difficult to fully convey the appeal of a product or service with only a direct translation of the original text.
What is required today is a creative approach that respects the meaning of the original text while localizing the translation into content appropriate to each culture.

Why Marketing Localization is Necessary?

If you are simply trying to understand the content of a manual or other document, machine translation may be sufficient. However, marketing translation requires more advanced translation techniques because its purpose is to promote products and services and motivate consumers to purchase them.

We devise sentences and use appropriate industry-specific terminology according to the occupations and expertise of the intended reader. Furthermore, we create catchphrases that are both easy to read and appealing that leads to stimulate consumers’ purchase intention.

Benefits of Marketing Localization

As Japan’s population continues to decline at an accelerating pace due to the declining birthrate and aging population, globalization is becoming increasingly important in the business marketplace. By becoming multilingual rather than monolingual, you can deepen your connections with internationally-minded customers and partners. This leads to market expansion and the creation of new business opportunities.

In addition, translated content is delivered mainly through digital media. Therefore, it must be easy to read and understand, which also affects search engine ratings. In other words, high-quality translations can greatly contribute to the success of your digital marketing as well as reaching customers with a global perspective.

Marketing Localization Service

Our translation staff have not only linguistic skills but also industry and subject-matter expertise and transform your content more attractive and appealing.

Especially in the highly specialized IT field, the quality of translation varies greatly depending on the translator’s IT proficiency and basic knowledge of the product. In Digitaldrop, we focus on the following points in our translation works.
・Making “difficult” content easier to “understand”
・Making “understandable” content more “interesting”
・Making “interesting” content more “in-depth”

We also specialize in content production and can offer a full range of services from translation to design for a variety of content, including white papers, presentation materials, press releases, website translation, video (subtitles and voice-overs), and advertising creative.

In addition, we provide web translations that take into account the internal structure of your strategies including SEO rather than superficial direct translations.

Why Digitaldrop is Chosen for Marketing Localization?


5 business days for
up to 3000 words

In marketing translation, it is critical to know when to distribute that content. Prompt action is required to deliver hot content at the appropriate time. Digitaldrop provides a one-stop service from translation to design, ensuring timely delivery and providing effective marketing without missing the optimum timing.

High Quality

Fact-checking and
high-quality translation

Our staff with appropriate knowledge of the industry provides translations that take into account the linguistic characteristics, ideas, and cultural background of each country. We also fact-check numerical and factual information to ensure the accuracy of the original text. This allows us to provide translations that are appropriate for each country’s point of view while maintaining the accuracy of the information.

Supported Formats

Wide range of support from
translation to design

As we specialize in content production, we handle not only translation but also design and finish in a variety of formats, from paper to digital media. For example, letter-sized materials produced in North America can be resized and delivered in A4 size.

Marketing Localization Flow

One-Stop Service from Translation to Design!

Contact Us

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1 business day

Quotation and Order Placement

After approval of the quotation, the order will be placed.

Same day


Our professional staff will provide easy-to-read localized translations.

English to Japanese:
5 business days for up to 3000 words

Design Creation

We create the design to localized specifications with consistent tastes.

InDesign 2P:
Within 2 business days


We review the content for fact-checking and to ensure that there are no discrepancies with the glossary defined for each customer.


After a final check, we deliver the content according to the requested format.

3-6 weeks after translation

Customer Voice

Portfolio is

Digitaldrop provides comprehensive support in the areas of production, including web production, case study production, catalog production, video production, and translation, as well as customer acquisition, including SEO, SNS, advertising, and email operations, and analysis and improvement, including analysis, analysis, consulting, and customer management. We will provide you with the contents we have been working on.


Our pricing can vary depending on several factors, including the complexity of the content, materials provided, and the deadline for completion.
Please feel free to contact us with this information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make an urgent request?
Yes, we will inform you of the normal delivery date at the time of quotation. In the case of urgent projects, we can also provide a shorter delivery time for a rush fee.
Do you offer video translation services?
Yes, we translate a variety of video content, including promotional videos and webinars.
Both subtitles and voice-overs by professional narrators are available.
Do you offer not only translation of foreign content but also original content production?
Yes, we not only translate English to Japanese, but also Japanese to English, and we can also produce original content.
Please refer to the Production section for details.
Do you handle the submission and maintenance of web translations?
Yes, as long as you grant us access to your CMS, we will submit and publish the translation. We can also handle web maintenance, including local content.

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